Hurricane Harvey Relief Trip

Dates: Fri, Nov 3 - Sun, Nov 5

Cost $60 plus flights

Please at least start your registration by Tuesday October 17th. You can do so below.

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Why Go?

Cru is a caring community, passionate about connecting others to Christ. We commend you for putting your care for people into action. When followers of Christ respond to pressing needs, we remind both ourselves and a watching world of the heart and character of the God we serve. We serve a God who came into this world, who wept, who suffered, and who died in order to save us from it, forever. It’s fitting to remember Jesus’ parable of The Good Samaritan in Luke 10:29-37. Not only did he SEE the beaten and injured traveler in the ditch, but he was PREPARED to care for his needs. The Samaritan cleaned and bandaged his wounds. He brought him to a place of safety and shelter. He was financially ready to sacrifice what was needed in order to fully restore this neighbor in need.

What will we be doing?

Whatever needs to be done.  

There is a temptation in relief work to make the work about us personally.  What will we get to experience?  What type of work will make me feel best about myself?  What can I tell people back home that I did as part of the relief effort?

We will be going down to Houston as servants, willing to step into the mess, and humbly opening our hands to whatever work needs to be done to bless those who were affected by the hurricane.  

So we would like to tell you exactly what we'll be doing, but the best answer we can give is that we will likely be doing some manual labor and we will perhaps have the opportunity to  care personally for those affected.