• Pete and Michaela both became involved with Cru as students at Northwestern University in Evanston, IL and married shortly after college. After graduating, they enjoyed a few years of interning with Cru at their alma mater, followed by 7 years downstate, where they served at Illinois State University. New to Fort Collins as of Summer 2017, they both love working with Cru and are excited to see what the Lord has in store here! Pete enjoys playing around with stringed musical instruments, wood and leatherwork, and exploring the mountains. Unfortunately, he has been unable to shake his love for the Northwestern Wildcats, a reality that typically brings more heartache than joy. Michaela loves coffee and a good book, classical music, and British period dramas. With their 5 young kids, there's always something interesting happening at their house.

  • Josh grew up in Colorado and Julie in the suburbs of Chicago, but both met Jesus and had their lives drastically changed through Cru at University of Illinois. They both began college looking for careers in the medical field, but as they graduated God called them to vocational ministry.  Since then they've served with Cru at University of Illinois, Michigan State University, overseas in the Middle East/Central Asia, University of Northern Colorado, and now CSU!  Their biggest desires are simply to help students understand and experience the "abundant life"  that Jesus offers His followers, and to contribute to fulfilling the "Great Commission" - helping every person and people group have an opportunity to hear about and respond to Jesus.  Julie loves to dance, researching healthy & natural living, getting massages and yoga.  Josh enjoys coffee, being deep in the wilderness, almost any sport, and reading.  They have three girls: Ellie, Zoe and Sophie who are smart, wild, hilarious and so so cute!  Together they all enjoy exploring new places, hiking, bike rides, water, and wrestling on the trampoline.  

  • Andrew and Lauren are both from New Mexico and got involved with Cru as freshmen at New Mexico State University. They met there and got married a few years later. They've been working with Cru for the last five years. They love college students and the fun they bring to life! They desire for every college student to have the opportunity to hear about Christ and help students know Him deeply. They currently spend most of their time chasing around their two kids, Nora and Henry. But when they're not doing that, Lauren enjoys reading, crafting, and baking, and Andrew loves fishing, biking, camping, hunting, and drinking coffee. They moved to Fort Collins in April 2019 and have loved exploring the town and living the Colorado life!

  • Andrew and Kayla are both from Colorado and graduated from CSU in May 2019. They met through Cru at CSU and got married the summer after they graduated. When Andrew and Kayla are not adventuring in the mountains, they love to try their hand at TikTok dances and rotate through their favorite shows, The Office and New Girl. Andrew enjoys NBA basketball (Denver Nuggets specifically), playing sports at an average level, watching sad movies and gaming hard. He has been described as a Top 5 hang by many CSU students. Kayla enjoys hammocking, playing sports at a higher level than Andrew, watercolor painting, and activities your grandma might enjoy (embroidery & taking care of her houseplants). Andrew and Kayla are crazy about Jesus and sharing His love with students.

  • Hannah Howard

    Hannah grew up in Colorado and graduated from CSU with a degree in Biology in 2021. She met her husband, Ryland, through Cru at Colorado State, and together they enjoy hiking, playing with their dog, Rosie, and watching their favorite shows. Hannah is a board game enthusiast, casual reader, and avid Alabama Football fan. Embroidery, knitting, and playing sports with friends are all things she enjoys in her free time. Essential parts of Hannah's daily routine include sipping on mochas, spending time in the word, and snacking on yummy food. Growing up as a pastor's kid, Christianity was always a part of her life, but she didn't fully surrender her life to the Lord until she joined Cru at CSU. She is so excited to be doing life with students and showing them Jesus!

  • Randall Kaemingk

    Randall is a born and raised Coloradan and shockingly also enjoys all things sports and outdoors. He loves students and wants to see them succeed while following the Lord wherever he takes them.

  • Amy Ahrens

    Amy waited until her first year post college to get involved with Cru. She spent her first year after graduating overseas with Cru in Bratislava, Slovakia (Europe's best kept secret city). Amy moved back to Omaha, Nebraska for two years, working part time for Cru and full time as a nurse. She moved to Fort Collins last year and is currently an Emergency Room nurse in Greeley. If she's not at the ER or hanging out with students, you can probably find her on an airplane to her next travel destination, attempting to keep her plants alive, cheering on the Huskers, watching a documentary, or completing the NY Times crossword puzzle. Working in healthcare and for Cru gives her the best of both worlds. Amy loves getting to know students as they write their spiritual journey and learn more about the freedom offered in a lifelong relationship with Jesus!